28 Nov

Hello all, I again apologize for the lateness of the update, crazy autumn season!  I am in the process of ordering new birds for spring!  We are ordering some new baby chicks, going to get some different breeds this year.  Black giants, Partridge rock (a really pretty bird) as well as some of our old standby's.  We are also ordering geese, at least a couple of Toulouse geese to help keep the raccoons and coyotes out of the chicken yard, lost 17 hens in one night this past year to those critters!.  May also order some more ducks and a couple of white chinese geese.  We think these new birds will be fun so come on out and see them.  I promise to put the delivery date on the web site so you can come visit and welcome the new babies!  They are just little bundles of fuzz! 

Watch here in the next day or so for more info on New Year's eve and other events for the winter.  I promise to do a better job of updating!

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